New era financial investment system

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Go to fast profit time

Fast turnaround time

Battle time, profit, loss amount can be selected
At least 30 minutes, 50% profit can be realized
Fast automatic deposit and withdrawal system

Go to secure asset management

Secure asset management

Blockchain technology, transaction history management
Large exchange security system

Go to anyone, high profit generation

High profit generation for everyone

Direct risk selection
Small capital, high return possible
High capital, risk management and stable profits

Go to fair treading system

Fair treading system

All start under the same conditions
Personal VS Personal Skills Competition
Blockchain technology ranking system

Investment time 30 minutes! The yield is doubled!

Fair trading system and ranking using blockchain technology, pure private vs private investment exchange
365 일
24 시간
High returns

Financial paradigm innovation
Trading Battle

Optimal trading environment
With convenient interface and high performance fastening engine
Fast and accurate trading

24-hour trading system
Optimized for PC and mobile,
Easy and convenient trading anytime, anywhere

  • Reduced time to profit
    Maximize returns

  • Profitable in the bear market
    Preselect your own loss ratio

  • Institutional and powerless
    Individual vs individual net investment competition

Trading Battle Platform

New concept investment platform using blockchain technology

Game-like trading

Highly immersive interface
We plan to give users the feeling of playing a strategy simulation game. ​ In the future, various tokens can be used to purchase and use useful functions for trading. ​


Utilizing Open API of large exchanges
Unlike traditional virtual investment services, the trading battle service utilizes the real cryptocurrency exchange's Open API to use real-time quotes and liquidity as it is.

Free Game Rules

Battle rules determined by the user
All battle rules of the Trading Battle service are decided by the user. The user decides the rules out of the rules set by the company. We will conduct a trading battle between users gathered according to the rules that you set yourself. There is no user disagreement over results and dividends.

TBet token

Using in-game items
Various tokens may be required to create a battle room, and a certain amount of rewards are paid to members who create the battle room. Various mini games will be launched in the mini-game participation service. The mini-game is a probabilistic game and will use various tokens to participate.

Reliable system and technology

Advance membership event (30 TBET tokens)

Trading Battle Information

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